Justin's Got 'Nothing But Love' For Britney

During an interview with Oprah the other day, Justin Timberlake opened up -- just a little -- about his failed relationship with the sinking ship that is Britney Spears. (He really dodged a bullet there, didn't he?). When O asked him what he thought about what's been going on with the hot mess, he claimed he hasn't spoken to her in years. (For the record, they broke up in 2002.) He also said he has no "ill will" toward her and has "nothing but love" for his ex.

We wish the big O had asked what that "Cry Me a River" video was all about then … and, if he really hasn't talked to Ms. Spears in years, why were her dad and kid sister, Jamie Lynn, caught by X17 leaving a JT concert this past week?