Peter Bjorn & John Live In Vegas


Shake it up: Peter Moran

OK. Even though we were in the audience at Peter Bjorn & John's VMA Rookie Showcase set at the Palms pool in Vegas, we still can't stop watching the show over and over and over again. And we still can't help having our minds blown all over again. (Sorta like how an incredibly attractive person only gets hotter every time you see them and you're like WTF!? How's it possible for your hotness to increase exponentially every time I see you?)

Anyway, the show started out on a fairly mellow note with "Paris 2004," which we thought was gonna set the tone of the mid-afternoon outdoor show. And, of COURSE the life-affirming, everything-is-temporarily-right-in-the-universe experience of seeing "Young Folks" live -- which included a more pronounced bass line and ACTUAL, not recorded, whistling -- was basically akin to a musical baptism. But by the end of the set, Peter Moran pretty much went so awesomely bezerker with Amazing Rock Face, Unabashed Lead Singer Strutting and Off-The-Wall Stage Antics (including hurtling himself backward onto the ground and hitting his head on Björn Yttling's shoe) that he pretty much cemented his place in the Lead Singer Hall Of Fame, right up there alongside Justin Hawkins, Angus Young and David Lee Roth.

Oh, and before we saw Peter Bjorn & John perform live, our knee-jerk word-association response to "bongos" may not have been "cool," but after witnessing John Eriksson's beyond-human percussion skills, we've changed our tune.

Check out "Young Folks" live in Vegas, plus some photos we snapped at the show, then watch the whole set.


Peter Moran & Björn Yttling



John Eriksson: He of the magic hands.


Wipe out! (Kim Stoltz looks on.)



A happy fan catches a drumstick.






No, we don't know who this audience member is. And, yes; they're real, unfortunately.