Avril + Britney: The Best Damn Friends?


Is Avril about to add Britney Spears to her Five? Apparently Avril, Britney, Britney's "cous-sistant Alli," and Brandon "Fire Crotch" Davis hung at L.A. club Winston's the other night and then shared a car over to hotspot Hyde's.

X17.com has video footage of the two pop princesses at least entering the same club. Which, you know, doesn't actually suggest they're sharing secrets and sodas and scrunchies (God forbid) or anything. It just suggests they were at the same place, which isn't that unusual when you're famous and go out in Hollywood -- as Lauren and Jason and Heidi and Spencer demonstrated the other night on The Hills.

But Some Avril fans have gone on the defense and are furious with Avril's potential pick of brand-new bestie. But look what happened to Britney and Paris' short-lived bestiehood; that barely outlasted Britney and K-Fed. And what of Britney and Lindsay Lohan's even shorter-lived hang history, which lasted for nearly less time than Britney's first marriage? Plus, whatever happens, we say there are definitely worse influences out there than Avril, (Amy Winehouse? Kate Moss?) whom we love for many reasons, but mainly because she's a married lady but still keeps it trill and pulls off the Hot Topic look (sorta).