Lauren Conrad Launches Eponymous Clothing Line


Wasn't it just yesterday that our li'l Lauren (right, in one of her own designs,) was a Teen Vogue intern, getting dogged by the Devil Wears Prada-in-training super intern Emily, enrolling in art school (which is where she met Heidi, if you remember = boo!) and doing time at Three Dots? We saw Lauren go from the fashion closet to magazine covers, landing the glossy fronts of Teen Vogue, Cosmo Girl (check out who's on this month's cover, by the way!) and Seventeen -- she's on the cover of their October issue now. She was even rumored to be walking in Marc Jacobs' New York Fashion Week show, which wasn't true, though she did work at the casting. Anyway, turns out all that working for free is about to pay off, since she just announced the launch of her own clothing line, the Lauren Conrad Collection. She may have questionable taste in guys (though Brody is pretty cute), but her taste in fashion is on point -- think Rachel Pally, Ella Moss or LaRok's solid jerseys. Check out her Cali-inspired wears -- lotsa comfy-looking layerable kimono-sleeved pieces, blousy tops, leggings and simple dresses, two of which she even named after Audrina (shown below in black) and Lo. (Hmm... no Heidi... surprising?) And of course, the collection includes some of her signature head scarves. Look for expanded offerings next year, including totes and clutches, but right now you can purchase items online.

So… fashionistas, tell us: do you have any Lauren Conrad pieces on your shopping list?