Kanye Won The Retail War, But Whose Album Is Better?


Kanye West pulled off something impressive, putting out a new album, Graduation, that was hyped enough to sell nearly 1 million copies in one week in the United States. The boy band era gone, that's something that's very hard to do these days, so kudos to the Chicago Kid.

And in no way should this take away from the accomplishment of his retail "rival" 50 Cent, whose Curtis moved nearly 700k in the same week. Released any other week this year and that's more than enough to rate a #1 berth on The Billboard 200. And they both bested a new album from country party boy Kenny Chesney, who has had a string of #1 entries over the last few years. It really didn't matter who won, because this has been a kick ass week for hip-hop music!

But with the battle of the hip-hop titans at the cash register over, we want to know this: Which one put out the better album? HHNLive and Rolling Stone says Kanye, while Pitchfork gives the creative edge to 50.

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