Life Of Ryan: A Little Slice Of "Heaven"


Last night's Life of Ryan ep was filled to the gills with lonesome little siblings, angry mothers, and a really awkward "hey dude do you mind if I date your ex-girl" conversation. I guess that's just how you roll when you're a rich 17-year-old skate icon who can't be bothered to spend time with your pesky (yet adorable!) little brother or find your own ladies to chase. Just like Jason Schwartzman as Max Fischer said (drunkenly) in Rushmore: c'est la vie.

Girl drama and Ry Guy's mama aside, did you happen hear something that sounded suspiciously like a new Angels & Airwaves song? It sounded like a new AVA track because it WAS a new AVA track. It's called "Heaven" and it's off their upcoming album, I-EMPIRE due out in November. If you can't wait that long to get another taste of "Heaven," check out the video when it hits Unleashed on MTV2 next Monday.