One Word: Mansinthe

It sounds more like a giant bug-shaped robot that's about to wreak havoc across the land than an alcoholic beverage created by an aging shock rocker, right? But it's not … Mansinthe is "the official Marilyn Manson absinthe." Apparently, Mr. Manson's hoping people will drink enough of the supposedly hallucinogenic stuff that they'll be interested in his waning career again.

Oh, Marilyn, remember when you were the biggest, scariest badass in town? What happened? Oh yeah, right … Eminem happened. (Check out this classic Onion article about Manson's fading career.) Now, he's just as happy to saddle up to other aging rockers who've slapped their names onto something that makes us go "huh?" … like Joe Perry's hot sauce or Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo tequila. Sigh.