She's Shar Jackson, Bitch!



Alright, Shar. We get it. You're Shar Jackson. Very funny. The Celebrity Rap Superstar heavy-hitter (she actually really is kicking ass to the point where it's almost not fair) used her chest at's say-it-yourself/ design-your-own-Tee booth -- where celebs like Nelly, Peter Bjorn & John's Peter Moran, Tila Tequila and uh… Robin Leach (??) stopped by to make Tees -- at the VMA Style Villa at Caesar's Palace in Vegas to make an ostensibly tongue-in-cheek swipe at her Baby Daddy's Baby Mama.

Was she also hating on Britney when she slipped in those blue contacts, just like Britz? Or was Brit biting Shar's style when she wore them during her now-notorious VMA performance? The world may never know.

(Photo courtesy of Rob Greenleaf,