Xtina Plays Hide-The-Baby-Bump At Emmys

Even though Paris Hilton went and spilled the beans last week, Christina Aguilera is still trying to hide the fact that she's eating for two. Maybe it's time for her to just give it up. But we gotta hand it to her … she kinda pulled off the whole I'm-not-pregnant look at the Emmys during her duet with Tony Bennett by wearing a flowing hot pink dress (with lotsa layers, of course) and sitting down on a piano at one point. We're sure there were a few sly camera tricks and some serious suckage in use too … 'cause you could barely tell -- unless, like us, you were totally fixated on her tummy during the entire performance. She looked amazingly svelte, considering that just a couple days before TMZ caught her looking pretty preggers.

Despite how fab she looked, we bet Xtina couldn't pull off this outfit these days: