Mark Ronson On Tour


By now our obsession with Mark Ronson has been shamelessly well documented. This photo aside, We would've loved to have seen more of him at the VMAs, but it's just like him to stand humbly in the shadows and let his musicians take the spotlight while his guitar gently weeps. Well we say EFF THAT. We want him all to ourselves, front and center. That's why we'll be stalking... er... "seeing" him live, in concert at Webster Hall in New York on October 5. Unfortunately it's one of his only US dates, but if you live in the UK, he's touring there throughout all of October. Anyway, listen, Mark: we have no problem being the Mel to your Brit and Jemaine. None whatsoever. Everyone else: yes, we know that's a crazy hot photo of him. And yes, you're welcome.