Britney Opens The Vegas VMAs


Britney’s back, biatches! That’s right, and you saw it right here with your very own peepers when she strutted her stuff (almost in slo-mo) onstage at the VMAs. She opened the show with her new song, "Gimme More," while showing off a healthy bod in a bedazzled bikini. Aw yeah! We knew our girl would pull it off … but we wanna know what all those late-night rendezvous with Mindfreak Criss Angel were all about, since he was nowhere to be seen! Ah well, she still totally made an impact!

We know you're screaming gimme more, more, more Brit right about now ... and we’re right there with y'all! Check out Brit's big comeback performance ... What do you think? Did she pull it off? We wanna know what you have to say!