Meet VMA Craft Services Coordinator Fabrice Fabrice

We now take a break from absolute VMA MAYHEM at the Palms (it tooks us 10 minutes to fight the crowds just to get to the bathroom, which is about 40 feet away) to introduce you to Fabrice Fabrice. If you don’t already know who Fabrice Fabrice is, well, he’s sorta like the white Hollywood from the movie Mannequin, if you can remember that far back. Or, to keep it more current, he’s sorta like Bobby Trendy… except not completely heinous. We’re not totally sure where he came from, but we think maybe he’s from South Philly by way of the French Riviera by way of a UFO. And he either lives in a fabulous penthouse in Chelsea or in a Dumpster behind a peep show place on 42nd Street. Or maybe both. (Actually, he’s comedian Nick Kroll, who you probably recognize from Human Giant and VH1's Best Week Ever. But that doesn't matter right now.)

Anyway, he’s a very important, very fabulous man personality person who says whatever he wants about whoever he wants, because he just doesn't care. And when Fabrice speaks, you’d better listen.

He’s out here in Vegas visiting fabulous celeb swag suites and rearranging the craft services cheese platters and hangin' with Liberace, and interviewing celebs as they hit the carpet at the VMAs tonight. He’s hard-hitting and mind-blowing and could probably out-sexy-back Justin Timberlake. And he's so nice they named him twice. Check out his exclusive videos, and check back tomorrow to see his scenes from the red carpet.


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