Artist Of The Week: Paramore!

OK, as hard as it is to say sorta-goodbye to Team Facelift, they had their 15 minutes of fame. In fact, they had 10,080 minutes of fame all last week as our very first MTV Artist Of The Week. But now it's time for Fat Jew and the rest of the Kosher bacon to move over and make room for something leaner … Paramore! Yes, the power-pop-punkers are this week's Artist Of The Week. That's why you'll be seein' their sweet punims all over MTV.

We love everything about their fast-and-furious rock (think early No Doubt), from Avril-but-more-hardcore lead singer Hayley Williams, who's just 18 but rocks like an old pro, to their ass-kicking live performances, to the undeniably catchy single "Misery Business" from their second album, Riot!

Watch their "Misery Business" video below, and then get lots more Paramore stuff -- downloads, photos, and all those on-air spots you'll be seeing on MTV all week, all right here.