Meet Team Facelift

So, you don't know who Team Facelift is, and you're seeing their mugs all over MTV, right? Don't feel badly, they're at the forefront of something new.

Every week MTV is going to give a different artist or group a visible and MUSICAL presence in every one of our promo breaks (you know, all the stuff that's between shows). Some will be artists with substantial star power; some will be musicians you've heard of, but should know more about; and others, like Team Facelift, are emerging, unsigned artists. Each week you can bank on finding exclusive photos, performance videos, MP3s and more on

So, who is Team Facelift? They're only our favorite new group from New York. Three guys who met tagging walls, frequenting hair salons and upstate raves before forming a rap trio. They are Machine (aka Teen Wolf, aka The Big Bopper), Fonda (aka Karim Fonda, aka Alden F Fonda) and the group's frequently naked spiritual leader Fat Jew (aka The King of Brunch, aka Fabrizio Bonaducce). "I'm not a man, I'm an idea," he tells Buzzworthy. "You can't kill an idea." "We try to bridge the gap -- we do rap music, but we wanna bring it to the level where you could play it at a slumber party with 12 year-old girls," says Fat Jew. "You could play it at the mall. You could play it in Belgium. It's for quiet Asians, a dentist on his day off, orphans, quadriplegic transvestites, gothic Puerto Ricans, middle age moms with short shorts and big t-shirts with polar bears on them, Dominican dads, people with two dads, angsty teenagers who hate their dads, bloods, crips, boys and girls."

To get a better idea of Team Facelift, check out their promos running on MTV below and check out their artist page on for their bio, discography, those MTV promo videos and more.

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