Beyonce Blames Fall on a Wardrobe Malfunction

75937930.jpgIf you were fast enough, you probably caught the online version of Beyonce's steep nosedive during a recent concert in Orlando. (Tee hee!) Now, thanks to Damien's probing questions on today's TRL, we know exactly why it happened.

Even though she's claimed she's a pro at dancing in heels, B blames the onstage oopsers on a wardrobe malfunction, claiming that her stiletto got caught on her super-long coat, causing her to trip and fall flat on her face. But despite it hurting "really bad" and the fact that the whole fiasco was "a little embarrassing," an old pro like Beyonce just bounced right back up and kept on singing. "I'm pretty tough," she says. Maybe that's why when Damien asked her what her favorite Destiny's Child video is, she quickly replied, "Survivor." Nice save!