Good style is hot (duh), but good ORIGINAL style is way hotter. There's nothing more compelling than someone who mixes it up with a combo of accessible pieces you can buy at your local mall, next to pieces they took the time to score. That's why our Back-To-School Style Survival Guide is all about both stuff you can run out and get with no problemo but also about goin' the extra mile and seeking out those off-the-beaten path products.

So now, we're going so far off the beaten path that we're taking you to the land down under… where beer does flow and women chunder… and toilets flush backwards… that's right… Australia…. home of cute koalas, even cuter surfers, and these must-have hoodies by Hooda. Hooda expressly makes hoodies, and they're all limited edition one-of-a-kind pieces, and they all have a great Bondi Beach vibe.

Hoodas are for guys and girls, and you choose the fabric and the lining. We love their whimsical, vintage, kid-inspired all-over prints and their plaids and toiles, oh, and once they make about 20 from each fabric, that look's dunzo. The whole shebang's a three-person operation, including the mom of one of the owners, who used to be a seamstress for Lee jeans! Sweet!

They run just over $100 American dollars (plus shipping). Small price to pay for handmade originality. And they're not available in stores -- you can only get 'em online. Here's how to order one of the limited edition prints, and here's where you can school yourself in more cool back-to-school style.

And speaking of Oz, check out a video we absolutely love by awesome Aussie band Youth Group.