Back-To-School Style

Ew. With all this sticky nasty heat plus random rainshowers, we'd give just about anything to stay indoors and revel in the jet-blast A.C…. even if it means sitting through class back in school. Oh come on… learning ain't so bad. Especially when you're learning about style. And you can't beat school shopping -- it's the perfect way to justify getting those new jeans you've had on your fashion wish list all summer. So, with that in mind, here are just a few items fall fashions we're keeping our eye on for back-to-school season.

Okay, first up… it's bottoms!



We're not sure which we love more -- the back-pocket butt embroidery or the vintage wash of these C7P jeans. Oh yeah, we also love the fact that they're on sale! They're $39.99 at J.C. Penney.


The trapeze (babydoll… tomato, tomahto… whatever you wanna call it) top is still goin' strong. Pair it with the pro plaid fad, plus pockets, and we're all about Delia's Chelsea top. Pick it up for just $34.50.



As if the sexy smooches all over the bottle didn't suggest complete coyness, perhaps its name totally gives it all away: Flirtatious! The newest perfume spray from Flirt! Cosmetics is light and sweet but not too sugary, plus it's got very vanilla undertones: a must for fall fragrances. It's $35 and available at Kohl's. Sweet!


Oxfords are the full-on frontrunners of all footwear trends this fall, y'all. But, if you're afraid of looking too stuffy, try this punk-inspired rubber-toe perforated pair by T.U.K. They're $44.95, but hold up -- they're not out until November.


Cleveland antidisestablishmentarianists (SAT word!) Sean Bilovecky and Brian O’neill are super anti-big brands but also super stylish. That's why they created Wrath Arcane streetwear. And we're glad they did, because their men's pants are dope, and we think every guy should own a pair of their "Strvight" jeans in future-perfect grey. (Isn't there something sorta Kanye West-ian about that? Except for the fact that, per the August issue of Harper's Bazaar, which features a photo spread of the Hollywood Hills home he shares with fiance-model-stylist Alexis Phifer, he owns a Louis Vuitton phone and stacks upon stacks of LV suitcases that he uses as floor decorations? Oh, and that's he's TOTALLY brand obsessed?) Anyway, so, yeah they're $155 at


Speaking of Kanye, perhaps the boys and girls at Brooklyn Industries were listening to his song "Spaceship" when they conceived of this rocketman-inspired metallic backpack. It's definitely for the daring, but you don't have to be a celeb to make a statement, and you don't have to have a platinum album hanging on your wall to get some solid gold on you. It's $88, and it, along with its silver co-pilot, hits later this season.

Okay, that's enough fash for now, even for us. Your homework assignment: So check out for even more back-to-school must-haves. See ya, smarties!