PRODUCT OF THE DAY: Cheap Monday Jeans




If someone told you that there exists an amazing line of imported designer jeans you can buy for just $65, would you quickly rush to the window and look for flying pigs? We have no proof of the later, but we're definitely tellin' the truth about those jeans. If you haven't yet heard about Cheap Monday, wake up and smell the delish designer denim. The Swedish label is run by Örjan Andersson, (who's clearly a god who should be worshipped, in our opinion) a Swedish boutique owner who got sick of fashion-forward jeans getting marked up to the triple digits. (Amen, brother!) In 2005, Cheap Monday was born of out his shop, and since then, it's taken on a cult-like status, and with good reason. Aside from living up to the "Cheap" part of their name -- per Andersson's mission, the jeans are ALWAYS $65 -- the line has a mind-reeling variety of styles for both women and men. They're known for their skinny jeans, which they've developed into a whole denim subgenre -- nay: art form! -- in their own right. (To see all the styles, check out the Cheap Monday site, go to "Collections" and then "Jeans" for a full-course meal, plus seconds and even thirds of their various combinations of washes, cuts, flys and tapers.) We love the classic "Tight," (seen above) which are appropriately named, but we're also glad to see that they're branching out a bit and experimenting with different rises and ankle widths. We love their "Vintage" line of apparel too, but really, the jeans are the thing!

Now. Most importantly ... where to buy? Barneys Co-op has them, and we're almost tempted to get some there just for the novelty of being able to go to Barneys and buy something substantial without immediately maxing out a credit card. (In fact, they've got them on sale now for just $39.)'s got them, and it looks like Urban Outfitters has 'em for guys.

But, you don't have to take our word for it! Check out what fashion blogger StyleBytes has to say about hers. And then go get your own!

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