PRODUCT OF THE DAY: Don’t Free Paris Neighborhoodies Tee

Y'all, there are but a few days left til our favorite felon/amateur porn star/media, um... "magnet" P.Ho (Paris Hilton, if you din't know) is released from the prison of what was basically her own design. We say keep her there! Drinking and driving is heinous. And if stars are "just like us," well then they shouldn't they go to jail just like regular people, and they shouldn't they have to serve out their full sentences? (Although the sooner Paris gets out, the faster she can get back to being the subject of countless embarrassing photos, most of them drunken, and all of them basically awesome.)

Anyway, if you think Paris should stay in stripes, check out the above Tee by the awesome Neighborhoodies, who'll put just about any saying you want on a Tee, tank or hoodie. This is one of their ready-made Tees, and it's just $14.99 and comes in a buncha different colors. Check out more of their hilarity, specifically their "Rehab All-Stars" Tees that snarkily salute Brits and LaLo. (No word on if there's an Amy Winehouse Tee planned.)

Oh yeah, and if you missed Sarah Silverman ripping Paris at the MTV Movie Awards, relive it here -- it was one of the funniest moments of the entire show.