PRODUCT OF THE DAY: Jelly Charm Bracelets

All things jelly are totally hot this summer. Jelly shoes have made a complete comeback (or, they're just coming around for the first time, depending on when you were born) this season -- just ask Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors. And, depending on who you ask, jelly bracelets never really went of style -- see: Avril or My Chemical Romance. Couple that with the recent resurgence of charm necklaces and nautical themes, and the bracelets featured above are a trendhound's supreme dream. They're by L.A. writer-designer Heather Shrake, who designs jewelry and made-to-order hats under the label Shrake Culture. Her stuff has attracted Rihanna, Blu Cantrel and Syrus from The Gauntlet 2.

We're totally ready for this jelly. We love the more feminine take on the standard jelly, and we really love that they're just $6 each at celeb-fave boutique LF. Don't live near one? Pick some up online.

And check out this classic old-school video by the patron saint of the jelly bracelet, Madonna -- she's rockin' a ton of 'em in "Lucky Star."