You know you have stumbled upon something good when you find out that someone's nickname is Apples. Yes, that's right we found Appolonia standing in line for TRL. It's pretty clear why we spotted her at first, I mean check out those heels! She was totally laid back and let us get the scoop. Here's the dirt:

Age: 18

Hails From: The Bronx

Occupation: Fashion Student

How She Describes Her Style: "I would say some days I'm punk, other days I'm prep and sometimes I'm skater."

What She's Rocking: "CCS Jeans, my mom's heels, and a Jimi Hendrix shirt." We knew we loved those heels for a reason! Totally vintage.

Style Icons: "My mother. She used to be a singer so I love all her old clothes. I like a lot of fashion from the '70s, people like Aerosmith, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix."

Hot Trends For The Summer: "A lot of bohemian stuff, skinny jeans, pumps, wedges and big sunglasses!"

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