Whose House? Diggy’s House!


On Monday the whole lovable gang from "Run's House" dropped by TRL. But it was Diggy that made the girls swoon. The adorable brother created an uproar when the family arrived causing the ladies to run out of the TRL line just to catch a glimpse of him. On air, Diggy stole the spotlight as he busted a couple moves on the TRL set.


We already know the whole family is as stylish as they come (Vanessa and Angela with their pastry line, Rev Run and his Run Athletics), but Diggy was rocking the stylish brand Grail. Grail has been seen on a number of stars from Lindsay Lohan, Ashley and Jessica Simpson to Slipknot, Dave Navarro, Papa Roach and more. The clothing is vintage-inspired and all the graphics are unique in their designs.

Brand it's similar to: Ed Hardy

Celebs wearing Grail:

lohan.jpg papa_roach.jpg


Photos: via Getty Images