Have you ever been hit on and felt like a deer in the headlights wishing for an urgent way out of the awkward situation? Have you ever been on a terrible date and wished your phone would suddenly ring to help aid in your escape? Have you ever searched your brain frantically for the right pickup lines to help you snag someone you have your eyes on? Well, Sprint is offering a service called "mobileFAKER" that allows you to do all of this plus a ton more! This downloadable application for your cell phone serves as your social aid in practically any situation. Some of the application's features are: "Faux Call" which allows you to schedule a fake phone call at anytime and when you answer it prompts you with exactly what to say, "Faux Numbers" which gives you access to a list of fake phone numbers with area codes from around the states that will reject the caller when they call, dares you can challenge your friends with, and rejection and pick-up lines. It's only a $3.99 monthly fee for this service, but the only catch is is that you have to have Sprint. However, they hope to eventually make this service available to other cell phone providers.

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