PRODUCT OF THE DAY: Emporio Armani (RED) Bikini


Everyone always raves about the little black dress's first cousin, the black bathing suit. So we were totally wowed by this tide-turning all-white bikini by Emporio Armani. And why not all white? Who wants to bake in black under the boiling, brutal sun (sunscreen, people!) But best of all, this terrific two-piece, which you can buy at Emporio Armani stores, goes to a good cause -- it's part of the (PRODUCT) RED campaign (you know, Bono and Oprah's big blitz), so if you drop the bucks on this bikini (it's $95 for the top and $65 for the bottom), you know that that scratch is going to a good place -- specifically to Africa to help fight the spread of AIDS.

And speaking of Armani, didja hear who's gonna be peddling Emporio's new fragrance, "Diamonds"? Uh, that'd be B, as in -onyce. Nice, huh? (We've also got the scoop on some more celebs slated to become the newest faces of some pretty hot brands. Check it here.) We're down with that because we love Armani's Emporio He and Emporio She. Plus, B doesn't shill for just anyone, but she does have quite the affinity for Armani -- she wore an Armani Prive gown to this past year's Oscars, and she trumpeted Armani's epic three-hour-long London Fashion Week show with a rousing rendition of "Crazy In Love."

This is also not her first time pimping perfume -- she was the face of Tommy Hilfiger's True Star. And she's also promoted other majors, like L'Oreal Paris' Studio Line and Feria. Anyway, it should be a fragrant pairing, if you will. The new scent is out this September, and apparently Beyonce's going to be singing the classic song "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" in the TV ads. Quite fitting for such a sparkly songstress.