My TRL Fan Co-Host: Torrie


You've met Heather and Blythe and Randall. Now, the last, but absolutely in no way, shape or form least, of the "My TRL Week" fan co-hosts is Torrie. Torrie has the grace, poise and elegance of royalty. Basically, she's a pretty princess -- and she's got couture taste too -- minus the "Mean Girls"-Plastics situation. She totally seems like one of those girls who seems totally perfecto and you can't help but wanna hate but then you totally and completely can't because she's so ridiculously down-to-earth and smart (hello! she's an English teacher!) and sweet (she couldn't have been more psyched to co-host TRL nor more polite and gracious in general), that you totally feel like a terrible, terrible person for thinking that kinda thing. Yeah. That's Torrie. And she's got mad style to boot. Here's what she had to say about where she gets fashion sense and where she picks up her favorite pieces.

Favorite stores: "bebe, Arden B., and Macy's -- you can find everything there."

Favorite brands: "Roberto Cavalli -- The stars look beautiful in it. Gucci, Christian Dior. Plus, Guess, and Lacoste for when I just wanna relax."

How she describes her style: "I love mod, like going back to the '60s. I love leggings and the big tops that are in now. I like skinny jeans a cute jacket with the collar up, and I like a cute jogging outfit -- something with a hoodie and low-rise pants, and I'm comfortable."

Style icon: "I love Beyonce's style. I also really like Kelis because she takes risks that I'd probably never take. I also really like the way Susie (Castillo) dresses. She always looks beautiful."

Style idols: "Rihanna. I love her clothes. And Gwen Stefani. I like her line. She's always funky and wears something new. I also like how the girls of Danity Kane dress because they always do something different."

If she could go on a shopping spree, she'd get… "An Hermes bag. A Roberto Cavalli gown. I'd probably go crazy in some place like Bloomingdale's or Saks Fifth Avenue. I'd just buy a bunch of gowns. Escada. Dolce & Gabbana. It'd be awesome!

Item she can't live without: "My J.Lo jeans. They fit me really well and they're comfortable! They've stood the test of time! Those jeans are the best. And they're perfect for girls with curves."

See? How cool and real is Torrie? We love the fact that her tastes are totally well-rounded: from high-end evening gowns to chillin' out terry track suits. We <3 'ed Torrie and wish we could go shopping with her. Since we couldn't make that happen, we did a little fantasy shopping instead. Here's what we picked out for her AND for you, should you wanna cop her style.


The wide-legged look is way in, and of course J.Lo jumped on it. We love this trendy yet classic flared pair, and we're thinking that Torrie probably would too. They're J.Lo, and they're $69 at Macy's.


This gorgeous shift dress by Tibi crosses into dangerous to-die-for territory. At $380, it ain't cheap, but you gotta pay the cost to be the boss! And with its '60s influence, we know Torrie would rock it right.


We're also in hearts with this very Pop Art-inspired babydoll dress by Julie's Closet. It's just $38 at Nordstrom.


And we couldn't not "get" this ultra-mod halter top. Perfect for a day at the beach, and the perfect price at just $28 bones. It's by Soprano from, one of our fave online shops.



And since Torrie is a teacher and does love jackets, we couldn't resist this "Upperclassman" jacket by celeb-fave brand La Rok. And we also couldn't resist its sale price of just $62 at

Ah, we could go on all day, but we've got more style and stars to scope. Let us know what you thought of our "My TRL Week" fan co-hosts and their hot looks, and tell us what you're rockin' these days. L8r, sk8rs.