We spotted Derrick in line for "TRL" on Monday, and we couldn't help but notice -- and love -- his laidback, casual-cool style. He just moved here from Pensacola, Florida, and clearly he brought his chill Southern ways with him. He's in school to become a concert promoter-music biz guy, and he's busy promoting clubs, but he took a moment to step out of the "TRL" line (don't worry -- someone held his spot!) and answer a few questions about what he's rockin' and why he rocks.

What he's rocking: Mossimo track jacket; Aeropostale jeans; Pumas; a Tee-shirt from a flea market in Michigan: "It was like a quarter or something. It's one of my favorite shirts."

Where he likes to shop: Express, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger.

Style idols: Britney Spears is my favorite artist. But Enrique's got a good style. I bought his cologne when it came out. (That'd be Tommy Hilfiger's True Star Men, inspired by Enrique Iglesias. -- ed.) And Robin Thicke -- he's got a good style. And Justin Timberlake."

Item he can't live without: This shirt. It's my favorite. That's why I wore it to "TRL" today. I love this shirt. It's purple and it's tight.

We love his Tee too. It really doesn't get better than the perfect, worn-in, practically-made-for-you vintage Tee. If you're lucky enough to live near and frequent some thrift stores, finding an old sports Tee is easier than finding a Starbucks in New York City. And Derrick's right -- they're usually so cheap it's like they're practically paying YOU to buy it! But if you're in the Big Apple, our thrift-stores are more like vintage "boutiques" (read: you're paying retail and then some for something someone else has already worn and probably hasn't washed in the past decade.)

So, if you're looking online, a few of our favorite sources for vintage Tees include, where you can get affordable, comfy vintage-looking Tees for a song. We really like this one, by the way:


It's $23.97 at

Then there's the awesome, which sells new and very funny vintage-like Tees that they make on the softest cotton ever. They also sell vintage Tees on their online shop and on eBay.

We love this one:


It's $36 at

And while we really like this one:


... It's part of their super rare collection, and, well, it's $5,200. Which otherwise could buy you about 6,000 vintage Tees.

And speaking of eBay, that jonx is a goldmine for vintage Tees, some reasonably priced, others not. And while we don't advocate gambling, we've definitely been known to get a little bit of the olde trigger finger during a must-have-at-any-cost auction, so… happy bidding, and see you on the street!