My TRL Fan Co-Host: Heather


So, exactly WHO was that gorgeous, glamorous and, don't forget, gregarious girl co-hosting "TRL" on Monday? Her name's Heather, and she's one of the lucky winners picked to co-host the show alongside Damien during "My TRL" week. Heather's originally from Michigan, and she's got a mad-cool look (don't you think she kinda looks like Kelis?) that gave her the air of a total TV pro. And she just moved to the New York City area, so you better believe she knows how -- and loves -- to get her shop on.

Here's what she had to say about the three S's: shopping, style, and, of course, shoes.

Favorite places to shop: Saks Fifth Avenue, Anthropologie -- "They've got great clothes. Neiman Marcus is amazing. If I ever need anything really really quick, I just go to SoHo -- they have all the little boutiques."

Favorite brands: "I absolutely love True Religion. Their jeans fit perfectly on my type of body. I love 7 For All Mankind jeans, they're great."

How she describes her style: "Really sassy and girly and funky at the same time."

The artist she'd wanna go shopping with: "Honestly, with P. Diddy, because he does it so big. And Kim Porter always looks great."

Item she can't live without: "My necklaces -- I wear a lot of different necklaces and long chains. One of them is a heart with a picture of my family in it."

If she could go on a giant shopping spree, she'd buy: "A whole lotta Gucci, Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags. A lotta jeans. True religion jeans -- because you gotta buy those in moderation. I'd just buy a ton of shoes. I already have over 50 or 60 pairs of shoes, so I'd just get some more shoes."

Her style signature: Jewelry. "I wear 50 bangles. I love rings. I buy stuff in wholesale so you can get it in bulk. That's the great thing about living in New York."

Word! Stay tuned to "TRL" this week for more cool "My TRL" fan co-hosts!