So the other day, the sweet, charming and extremely laidback Adam Brody stopped by "TRL." Here's an interview with the man himself, by the way. Anyway, we loved him as "The O.C."'s Seth Cohen, who, despite playing a lovable dork, looked good in his own right -- most often in Penguin. And we most certainly love Adam's street style, as he's often spotted rolling down the street walking his dog Penny Lane in a super casual well-worn, fitted vintage T and some slightly narrow but not blood-constricting jeans. Love it! Fortunately we were able to extract him from his adoring throngs of young female fans and pop a few style questions on him.

But first... if you missed the show, you're probably wondering what he wore! Drink it all in ladies…></i></i></i>g

Swoon! He was looking sartorial and positively professorly in a grey-ish blazer by Marni. And his perfectly fitted button-down shirt was from the hyper-celeb-forward line Band of Outsiders.

We were super surprised to discover that Adam does not work with a stylist -- all of that comfy, scruffy, crumpled cuteness is his a style all of his own. Here's what else he had to say about his own personal style when we sat down and chatted about style with him.

MTVStyleblog: You do all of your own shopping?

Adam Brody: Well, I like vintage stuff, it just takes a lot of time because everything fits so differently. I'm rarely ever in the mood to try on 20 pairs of pants, so I don't know, there are a few stores around LA. I like American Rag because it's got both, half vintage and new. I end up going to the new because, once again, I'm really lazy.

MTVSB: Do you have any favorite brands or designers?

Adam Brody: I like these Band of Outsiders shirts because they fit. I like all of the styles that fit narrow. I got a suit from Marni which is mainly women's stuff, but it fits really well. The guys' stuff fits pretty well, which is cool. As far as brands, I love Levi's jeans if you can get them to fit right. I have never had a brand new pair of jeans that I've actually liked as much as a 20-year-old pair. It's like leather, it needs to be worn in. I hate when it's starchy…

MTVSB: Do you have a go-to piece of clothing that you can't live without?

Adam Brody: I have a leather jacket at home that I wear a lot that I bought at some random boutique here in New York, but it's the only leather jacket that's felt natural on me. It's like a warm-up jacket, sort of Fred Perry, so it's got elastic cuffs and sleeves and it's really thin. It's the only leather jacket I put on where I don't feel like an idiot. It fits good.

Ok, let's get to the stealing!

For those of you who don't know, Marni, the Italian label, headed by Consuelo Castiglioni, is best known for its women's wear. But in early 2007, Marni unveiled a men's line -- a clean, crisp but playful take on classics. She also sent a few models down the runway in cashmere leggings. Don't go there. But we did totally sweat Adam's Marni blazer, and we found a few Marni blazers here, but we don't love 'em as much as Adam's. (Sigh). We did, however, find one we absolutely love at the good ol' Gap! It's a warm weather-friendly lighter grey. Check it:


(Clean Dobby Blazer, $88, Gap)


We're also digging this one:


(Vintage Red, $151, Macy's)


As for that very un-Seth Cohen-like leather jacket he was referring to, we're pretty sure it's this bomber-style jacket:


(Photo from

And, we don't wanna start any rumors, but man, it looks like A.Bro wears. that. thing. EVERYWHERE! We would too though, especially if it's by Mike & Chris, a husband and wife team that specializes in men's and women's leather hoodies, (Adam's ex Rachel Bilson was seen EVERYWHERE in her Mike & Chris bolero), which are gorgeous, soft, distressed and usually made of lambskin. They're not cheap, but they're worth every precious penny. If you can spring for one, we highly recommend it. You can pick one up here. Or, check out the similar, way cheaper but wildly popular hard-to-find YMC windbreaker jacket available here.

We also love this French Connection jacket:


($368, French Connection)


Or, rock a more traditional leather jacket by All-Saints. It's slightly Fonzie-esque but not so much so that you look like a total ponce.


(All-Saints, $482,


We also found a few more Brody-esque jackets that are slightly less dressy, since we know Adam loves casual styles too.


(Orthodox Vergil Motorcycle Jacket, $184,



(Stock Pack Away Jacket, $68 Urban Outfitters)


Finally, check out Band of Outsiders, Adam's rec for super stylish fitted shirts. (You can buy 'em online here too.) Apparently he's not the only celeb who's slipped into their shirts. Check out smokin' hot photos of James Franco, Brad Pitt, Dr. McDreamy, Beck and tons more... But of course we love their pic of Adam best.