We spotted Jaclyn about a mile away -- she just moved to the Big Apple from Maryland and brought a rainbow of color with her. When we asked if we could snap a shot of her get-up, she was all smiles, sweetness and light.What She's Rocking: Abercrombie cut-offs; Harajuku Lovers bag; Forever 21 bracelets

Where She Gets Her Look: Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister

Her Star Style Heroes: Gwen Stefani; "I'm into all her bags and stuff."

How She Describes Her Style: "Casual, preppy sometimes. I mostly like Abercrombie and Hollister."

What She Wishes She Was Rocking: "There's this really expensive pair of Chanel shoes. I love them. I saw Lindsay Lohan wearing them in a magazine. I'm gonna have to wait til Christmas."

Jaclyn was also wearing some super-fun boots:


She wasn't sure of the brand, but we're fairly pos they're Sugar, which you can find here on, and lotsa other places. Sugar boots are especially great because they're lightweight and Spring-appropriate. We're loving this pair, ($26.95 at and we're sure Jaclyn would too:


We also found tons of the freshest Harajuku Lovers bags here at, plus wanna cop Jaclyn's top? We like this similar polka dot tunic, just $12.80 from Forever 21:


Stay tuned for lots more MTV Street Beat Spottings from "The TRL Line."