Why bother walking just the few blocks over to Madison Avenue to find fanastic fashion, when we've got a swarm of style right outside our doors waiting in "The TRL Line," as we here at MTV lovingly refer to the collection of fashion-forward fans waiting patiently -- and stylishly! -- outside to become part of the TRL audience. When we wanna know what's cool to rock when you're about to rock, who else are we gonna turn to you but you? That's why we're taking it to the streets to find out what you're wearing, where you like to shop, which TRL star's style you wish you could steal and which gotta-have-it item is on your fashion wish-list.

Today we spotted Tabea, a German student who also happens to be a model, in the TRL line. She stood out, well, because she's super tall and dressed in head-to-toe hip-hop gear.

What She's Rocking: South Pole jacket; Miss Sixty jeans; Puma belt

Her Star Style Heroes: Beyonce, Kelly Rowland. "Destiny's Child -- their style is really cool. It's even big in Germany."

How She Describes Her Style: "Sporty but sexy"

What She Wishes She Was Rocking: A zebra-striped Rocawear bag (We think she's talking about this one, by the way)

The Last Word: "Everything is more stylish here, more extreme, which I like. In Germany you only get to buy the basics. I like it here…"

Well, as Heidi Klum likes to say, auf Wiedersehen! More MTV Style Street Beat spottings tomorrow!