Damon Dash No Longer Roc-king in Fashion


It's been rough for Damon Dash since his business partner Jay-Z broke up with him, taking Roc-A-Fella Records and Rocawear. While Jay is enjoying his recent $204 million sale of Rocawear, a company the two once owned, Dash has had little success with his ventures, according to a New York Post article. The piece talks about all of his businesses and points out that his CEO clothing line is struggling, and State Property is over. But one good mention was the success of Pro-Keds, the classic sneaker line he bought three years ago. Since then he's flipped the company's image into a hipper, more urban feel and "has more than doubled sales in the past year to exceed $22 million." Hey, if $22 million equals "struggling," we'll take it.

What do you think? Can Damon Dash come back on top?

Photo via New York Post