Cell Phone…the Birth

Can you imagine what life was like before cell phones? We misplace it for 2 minutes and we start freaking out! We stumbled onto this interesting and informative article on the birth of cell phones at American Heritage .

Here are some highlights:

"Motorola told its engineers: 'We need a hand-held mobile telephone in three months.' Nobody had ever made one before."

"...on Tuesday morning, April 3, 1973, at the New York Hilton in midtown Manhattan, Cooper and Mitchell...introduced the world's first hand-held portable cell phone in front of about 50 newspaper reporters."

"But in truth, no one...actually expected a significant number of consumers to be interested in paying for and toting around personal telephones. The demonstration was basically a stunt."

"In a flood of stories the next day, reporters noted that pedestrians were 'agape' at a man making a wireless call."

It's a long read so turn your cell phone off and get educated.

Photos via American Heritage