Jean Junkies

Ever find a pair of super high-end jeans on eBay going for about the same amount as you pay for your daily coffee/ Slurpee/ Gatorade, etc.? Sometimes those deals are too good to be true, but sometimes they're just really good and really true! But how do you tell the difference? Fake jeans can often be easy to spot -- 7 "4" All Mankind? Deisel? Um, not so much.

But knock-offs are getting closer and closer to the real thing. So, what's a savvy shopper to do? Enter, an online community 1000% devoted to teaching you more than you could've ever dreamed about the very subtle differences between real and fake designer jeans. And we're not talking ankle versus tall here. Fabric guides, wash codes, RN and CA numbers, Rock and Republic Gwen Body versus Kiedis Body, the difference between Paige Premium matte rivets versus shiny rivets, Nudie Olas over Ralfs and thousands upon thousands of other threads with a level of detail, precision and scrutiny usually reserved for studying forensic evidence is the type of talk going on here. If there's a denim question that can't be answered here (and with a quickness!), it's just not worth knowing. And there are pages of threads devoted to buying the right stuff on eBay and lists of which denim sellers can be trusted and which can't, and links to hot (and of course, authentic) eBay auctions deals.

We also love the "mall" section where you can sell and swap jeans and other articles of clothing and accessories, and the online coupons and sales section, where you can get promo codes and the down-low on online sales.

You have to be a member, but it's fast and free to sign up. And, once you've registered, membership definitely has its privileges.