PRODUCT OF THE DAY: Smells That Make You Go MMM


I am always searching for a new scent, especially as the seasons change. When the weather begins to get warmer, we all want a fresh clean smell that is not too heavy and doesnʼt knock everyone out (and not in a good way) when we walk into a room. Luckily, fragrance companies agree and release new scents to accommodate just these wishes.

Here are some new good ones that will make those around you swoon (hopefully, right?).

Ralph Rocks is perfectly sweet. If you took tropicalness, and bottled it, you'd get Ralph Rocks. If you are looking for a smell that encompasses sweet fruits and a kind of coconut-y flavor this bottle is for you. It's rich, a lil' nutty, sweet, sweet, sweet.

Next on our list are the limited edition Tommy Hilfiger Summer Fragrances:

Tommy Summer (for the dudes) is a pretty comfy and casual smelling cologne. The inspiration behind these summer scents by Tommy was Cape Cod, so you better believe this bottle is full of the beach. It's a mix of air and sea breezes, seaweed, lavender annnnd is touched off with a woody feel.

Tommy Girl Summer is a fruity, summery party in a bottle. It's pleasantly light and includes smells of strawberry rhubarb, roses, magnolias and wildflowers. Ladies, you'll intrigue anyone with this perfect summer blend.

Lastly, we have Calvin's ETERNITY summer for the ladies. Hereʼs another fresh and light scent that includes orange blossom, Japanese pear martini, gardenias and hyacinths and at the end a nice white musk. It's fruity and floral. Come on who wouldn't want to smell this good?

Photos via Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren

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