adidas + Graffiti= Controversy


In case you haven't heard yet, adidas has teamed up with Foot Locker and hired seven graffiti artists from around the world to create a unique, graffiti-inspired collection called the End-to-End Project. This collection consists of some pretty hot sneaks, clothing and accessories all designed by the artists. As part of their launch campaign, adidas had the seven graffiti artists paint a life-sized replica subway car in downtown Manhattan earlier this week. And what's some good promotion without a little bit of controversy? MTA officials and politicians are outraged by the whole event arguing, "graffiti has nothing to do with sneakers, so basically it's just another despicable corporation trying to look edgy…" (read more in this article). We just think they need to lighten up a bit.


Top photo via

Bottom photo: Pro Lawn by Atom/Can2 @ $80 via adidas