PRODUCT OF THE DAY: Mascara Love Affair


Finding a good mascara that covers all the basics -- no annoying clump action; no smudgies, comes off without the aid of turpentine -- is no easy feat. Like the quest for The Perfect Jeans, it's exhausting and never-ending. Now we're not saying the mascara search is over, because you know damn well that as soon as you find The Perfect Jeans, there's always another pair out there just waiting to be brought home and loved (and then abandoned when you find your next fave pair, you heartless thing, you!). But we've found some mascara here that we're definitely not going to be replacing any time soon.

Maybelline Define-A-Lash is our latest lash love. And here's why: It seriously separates lashes, hence not a clump in sight! (That alone is enough to convert us for good). And it lengthens like woah. You definitely have to go for a couple of coats, but ain't that just the way with all of 'em? This stuff stays on but actually comes off when you want to actually take it off -- absolutely no mid-day raccoon eyes here! Oh, and the flexible brush is a genius new invention. However, the only drawback is that you gotta watch out: when you whip that badboy out, it has the tendency to ricochet a bit and fling some little mascara droplets onto the mirror, your cheek and other places where mascara should definitely not be. So treat it with the gentle care that it so deserves. At just under $8, it's super affordable. And, finally, we really like that the packaging is a fun, spring-like green -- it's inventive, and the bright color makes it easy to find if you're like us and have piles of makeup that you'd definitely get around to organizing… if you weren't so busy buying new make-up.

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