PRODUCT OF THE DAY: Triple 5 Soul Vacation Bag


Is it just us, or is everyone's brain in vacation/out-of-office/school's out mode? We can't stop staring out our window at the sunny city below, and we're pretty sure that if we were in class right now, we'd be on a mental holiday in The Seychelles or somewhere equally as fabulous. At least Wildwood, ya know?

Anyway, to prepare for our fantasy vacation, we're also doing some fantasy shopping -- where you fill your cart with all sortsa stuff you're jonesin' for and then sadly, with a heavy heart, close the site before you gotta pay. (Online analysts hate that sorta thing -- there's even a name for it: abandonment. But, it sure beats shoplifting, no?)

So, what's in our cart? This deliciously comfy looking Vacation Bag by Triple Five Soul. Aside from its super roomie-ness, this bag looks as soft as your dearest well-worn undies. Except you know you wouldn't be morftified to be seen in public with this piece.

Anyway, if we were headed somewhere warm, we'd definitely love to sport this beachy bag on our (very pale) shoulder.

It's $109 via one of our fave etailers,