Buy a bag. Feed a child.


We've all felt powerless about the problems of the world. But more and more, there is a humanity awakening taking place and more and more people and organizations are figuring out easy and fun ways to make a difference. Introducing the FEED Bag, a collaborative effort with the UN World Food Programme and their spokesperson Lauren Bush (model/socialite/Pres' niece). Each $59.95 bag, sold exclusively at Amazon will feed a child in school for a whole year!

Here's a note from Lauren:

"The FEED bag is a sturdy, reversible bag made out of natural burlap and cotton materials. The design of the bag was inspired by the big bags of food that I have seen being distributed to schools around the world. Besides being a cool bag, it is a tangible way to make a difference in the fight against child hunger. Every FEED bag sold will feed a child for a whole year in school!"

So stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, carry hope instead.

Photo via Nitrolicious