Living Green

Could you eat ONLY organic food 365 days straight? Conduct NO shopping for anything other than food for 52 weeks on end? Produce no trash-- except for compost for 12 full months? OR what about not being able to use any toilet paper, that's right, for a full year? Sound unimaginable? Well that's the journey that Colin Beavan, his partner Michelle Conlin and daughter Isabella have embarked on (the idea stems from a book deal for Colin, a historical nonfiction writer who plans to write about his year of "No Impact" living). They've halted all use of planes, trains, automobiles and even elevators and with worms eating their garbage, dough fermenting in the cabinet (smelly!) and bowls of water in the bathroom instead of toilet paper… this is no easy living! Check out Colin's blog here as he tracks this journey.

We can't all go to this extreme and we're all not getting paid plenty of money to do it either, but here's an eco-friendly site to start out with.

Photo via NY Times