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Amber Rose Just Transformed Kanye West's Demeaning Insult Into An Empowering Statement

"F--K YO 30 showers!"

Saturday (Oct. 3) is Amber Rose's inaugural SlutWalk -- a march designed to smash gender stereotypes and double standards -- in downtown LA. The objective, Rose has said, is to "wear what the F you want" in order to combat the idea that women's attire should dictate whether or not they're victimized.

And from the look of Rose's Instagram, things began boldly with an empowering sign held up by her mother, Dorothy Rose.

"F--K YO 30 showers," the sign read, referencing some pretty demeaning comments Kanye West made about Rose in a radio interview earlier this year.

"I had to take 30 showers before I got with Kim," West said, prompting Rose to tweet a great response affirming herself.

Now, at her SlutWalk, it looks like Rose has flipped the originally demeaning message around, saying f--k it and empowering herself (and by extension, all women) to not be defined by what anyone says of you or your choices.

You can live stream the Amber Rose SlutWalk right here.

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