These Two 'Drake & Josh' Stars Are Already Ready For Halloween

Sadly, no one is dressed as a Game Sphere.

We still have over three weeks to go before it's Halloween, but that's not stopping celebs from breaking out their costumes and making us remember why October is the best month of the year.

Cole Sprouse won the "Super Early Halloween Costume" award, sharing his attire with the Twittersphere on Sept. 5, but two other celebs have recently shown us their costumes — or at least one of their costumes.

On Friday, both "Drake & Josh" stars Miranda Cosgrove (Megan Parker) and Allison Scagliotti (Mindy Crenshaw) revealed how stoked they were for Halloween via Instagram.


By the way, when's that "Drake & Josh" reunion going to happen, hmm? A bunch of the cast is down, so what's the hold-up, Dan Schneider? We're all waiting!