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Watch Chris Pratt's Kid Name A Baby Penguin And Never Stop Crying

Jack Pratt, we salute you.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris' son Jack is now three years old, which means he's at that in-between stage after tantrum-y toddlerness but before all the pre-school independence and wisdom. From the looks of things, it's also an AWESOME age because this kid is the best. Seriously, THE BEST.

The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington invited the Pratt fam to name their newest penguin baby addition -- the 50th chick to hatch at their facility -- and the results are almost too adorable.

Chris, Anna and Jack teamed up to announce their name reveal with a family video, and the moniker they've chosen for the sweet little one is ... drum roll please ... Eagle the Penguin. And they've got the most precious reason why.

In the video, Faris says that the family was "so honored" to be asked to give the waddling wittle one its name and that they deferred to the wisdom of Jack to finalize their choice.

That's when Jack happily announced his decision, "EAGLE the Penguin!" and dad chimed in to spell it out because at this age, reading is just around the corner, so that's what you do.

So. much. CUTE.

According to Anna, there's some significance to the decision because she and Chris originate in the Evergreen State and they "thought that a penguin which aspirations to fly might be really fun."

And apparently that was the absolute perfect name for the avian babe because, per the zoo, Eagle just "loves to soar through the water."

Now you feel good. How couldn't you? Pratt family, you get all the happy claps.