These Kids Tried Durian And The Results Are Video Gold

'Give me the water. Now.'

Ever heard of durian?

If not, consider your olfactory and gustatory glands lucky because this Southeast Asian fruit is considered to be the smelliest fruit in the world. And watching people get a whiff of this thing is akin to seeing a baby's first taste of lemon -- hilarious AF for everyone else.

A few weeks ago, we had the distinct pleasure of watching a group of unsuspecting people experience their first encounter with the so-called "King of Fruits," and of course it was hilarious beyond. But seeing kids do it is a whole new ballgame of hysteria.

Enter the evil genius YouTubers at REACT to do our bidding and make it happen.

See for yourself.

As you no doubt will agree, this is actual rolling off the chair laughing our asses off stuff here.

C'mon, just look at the sheer drama of this moment.


We went ahead and ranked our five favorite slap-your-knee kiddicisms here for the whole world to bookmark and review when a good hearty grin is needed because these are guaranteed to earn a chuckle every time.

  1. "It looks like something that happened when dinosaurs were around."

    He's not wrong. It kinda does look like a spikyosaurus* egg.

    *Not an actual dinosaur. We just made that up.

  2. "It smells bad, like in a bathroom."

    With perfume in the mix, too. Ewww.

  3. "It makes me just want my nose to not exist."

    Yes, it's like THAT, apparently.

  4. "It is totally a mixture of a cantaloupe and a fart."

    Hey, at least this kid could laugh about it.

  5. "All the rotten things of the world blended together on my tongue."

    Well, there you have it.

To be fair, there were a couple of these kids who appreciated the durian fruit's blended veg-fruit nature, and a few would even recommend it to their peers (whether for the purpose of being cruel or not, we can't quite be sure), but overall the consensus was pretty clear here that this won't make it onto their families' grocery lists.

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