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Miley Cyrus’ New Ballad Is A Powerful Equal-Rights Anthem

The emotional 'Freehold' track reminds us just how talented she is.

Last month, we were gifted a short snippet of a new Miley Cyrus song, which appeared in the trailer for “Freeheld.” Now, the whole track is finally here — and it’s a stunner that’ll remind you just how talented Miley is when you peel back the layers; stripping away the shocking outfits and tongue-wagging to reveal a truly tremendous vocalist.

The emotional piano ballad, “Hands of Love,” finds Miley delivering a battle cry for equal rights while also paying tribute to the real-life heroes who inspired “Freeheld.” The drama stars Ellen Page and Julianne Moore as a lesbian couple fighting for domestic partner rights, and Miley channels their spirit and fight, singing, “In the hands of love, we carry on/Stronger than we started.”

In other words, yes, this Linda Perry-penned tune is a far cry from her abstract, trippy Dead Petz album. Both Moore and Page took to Twitter to praise the 23-year-old for the beautiful track and to thank her for being part of the film, which hits theaters today (Oct. 2).

Listen to the full song below and don’t forget to catch Miley as the host and musical guest on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend.