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'Saturday Night Live': Miley Cyrus Shed Real Tears During The Season Premiere

Plus, Taylor Swift's #squad takes over the world.

Miley Cyrus made her return to "Saturday Night Live" last night for the show's 41st season premiere, bringing along The Flaming Lips and her trademark sense of style, picking up right where she left off after the VMAs. Cyrus, in her third stint as host (and second as musical guest), performed two tracks from her latest album, Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz, visibly shedding tears during the performance of "Twinkle Song". She also appeared in sketches as the wife of GOP Presidential candidate Jim Gilmore, a rapping 1950's high school student, a texting millennial, and Hayley Mills from The Parent Trap.

However, it was Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who stole the show, cameoing as “Val” in a sketch featuring Kate McKinnon as Clinton, where Hillary appeared confident singing, dancing, and impersonating Donald Trump. Clinton even stuck around long enough to introduce Miley's musical performance.

Here's a look at the episode's top moments:

  1. Hillary and Taran Killam's dueling Donald Trump impressions.

    Much was made pre-season about Killam getting the plum role of impersonating Trump, and while Taran has the facial expressions and the hair, Hillary has the voice DOWN.

  2. Taking a moment to remember the worst of summer 2015.

    Miley and the SNL cast said goodbye to Jared Fogle, Josh Duggar, Rachel Dolezal, Kim Davis, the dentist who killed Cecil the Lion, the cast of the Entourage movie, Pizza Rat, and "the donut that Ariana Grande licked".

  3. Hillary Clinton and Kate McKinnon becoming BFFs.

    These two hit it off immediately, on and off the screen.

  4. Miley bringing her insane outfits to Studio 8H.

    If you thought Miley was going to play it safe for her third time hosting SNL, you were mistaken. Miley brought a different bonkers costume each time she was on the main stage.

  5. Imagining a future where Taylor Swift’s #Squad has taken over the world.

    Vanessa Bayer and Aidy Bryant appeared in a hilarious sketch that imagines the world as a Walking Dead-like dystopia ruled by Taylor Swift's #Squad. Bring on Matt LeBlanc, models who act now, and the American flag towels.

  6. Miley and Kyle Mooney getting married. (And more.)

    Over the course of two minutes, Kyle Mooney marries Miley Cyrus, has a child named Sixflags, witnesses his own funeral, and becomes a ghost. RIP Kyle Mooney?

  7. Miley shedding tears for her Dead Petz.

    During her performance of "Twinkle Song", Miley cried and gave a post-song shout-out to her real-life pets that have passed on.

  8. This adorable moment between Hillary Clinton and Pete Davidson.

    With the OG @hillaryclinton

    A photo posted by Pete Davidson (@petedavidson) on

    On Weekend Update, Pete claimed not to follow politics, but he seems pretty excited to meet Hillary.

  9. And finally, SNL IS BACK.

    Next week's episode features Amy Schumer and The Weeknd. We. Can't. Wait.