'Scream Queens' Parodies Taylor Swift With Hilarious Chanel-O-Ween Stunt

Happy Chanel-O-Ween, idiots.

Last holiday season, our ~savior~ Taylor Swift brought fans to tears with her surprise Swiftmas gifts. Now, it's Chanel Oberlin's turn to spread the holiday cheer.

As this sneak peek from next week's episode of "Scream Queens" shows, Chanel, rocking Swift's red lip classic thing that she likes, celebrates the spooky season by sending some of her Instagram followers (aka her "special donkeys") gory Halloween gifts -- handwritten notes, severed hands, razor apples, dead heads and bad blood included.

Aww. Chanel is so thoughtful. But, like, where's our personalized Chanel-o-Ween gift? Whatever. Happy Chanel-o-Ween, idiots: