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Here's What It Takes To Have A Successful Relationship In Middle School (LOL)

'That kind of pressure? I don't really need that right now in my life.'

When I was in fifth grade, I proudly told my parents that I had my first boyfriend and was "going out" with him. (Our "relationship" lasted less than 48 hours in total, but whatever.) After my 'rents calmed down from their initial rage -- there was a lot of ?, ?, ? and mostly, ? ? ? -- they asked me, "Where exactly are you 'going' with him? You're 11." ?

The Atlantic wanted to know this answer to this question, too. In a video posted Monday, Sept. 28, a group of preteens explain exactly what dating involves in seventh grade and where couples "go out" to. Here is a selection of their finest answers:

> "They come to your locker and stuff like that."

> "Maybe you go to Starbucks or like Chipotle or something."

> "CVS isn't like a date spot, but they have really good and cheap candy so I go there."

Watch the hilariously spot-on video below.

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