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Miley Cyrus Steals One Of Ariana Grande's Trademark Looks For Herself

Between her patch-covered denim outfit and Unicorn Tears bag, Miley Cyrus has been at peak Miley while promoting her appearance on "Saturday Night Live." Her ~lewk~ on "The Tonight Show," though, was decidedly more Ariana Grande than Miley Cyrus.

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While the requisite tongue was there, it was joined by white lace bunny ears—a page torn straight from Ariana's Guide to Accessorizing (release date TBD).

While Ariana tends to favor cat ears, she's been known to switch species from time to time, and, actually, in January she wore almost an identical pair.

Maybe Ariana shared her ear-wearing tips when the duo hung out to record their Backyard Session? Either way, it's clear that Ariana's #IMPACT is undeniable—will Miley try out a half-up, half-down ponytail next? Or maybe a bun named bunty?

We can hope, right?