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Justin Bieber Owns Up To Being Drunk Onstage, And It's So So Good


Just as the Justin Bieber rumors were starting on Thursday, Bieber himself flat-out proved that he didn't care.

Bieber crashed a Rae Sremmurd show in New Zealand yesterday, and pictures and videos from the event showed the singer drinking, smoking and pouring Hennessy on stage. (We covered it extensively). He also busted out some wacky dance moves that promptly went viral.

TMZ made sure to take him to task over his wild cameo, ignoring the fact that he's GROWN and isn't trying to hide anything.

Just as the video had started its ascent, Bieber got in on the joke too, using the hashtag #DrunkJustin in his own video from the show.

And you can't really make fun of someone when they're in on it.