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Childish Gambino's 'So Into You' Cover Will Have You Fiending For '90s R&B

Donald stepped to the mic for his version of Tamia's hit.

Despite the name of a 2010 mixtape I Am Just A Rapper, Childish Gambino, as you know if you've ever listened to his music, is more than just a rapper.

And I don't mean that he's a writer, comedian, actor -- though he is those things, too. I mean he can sing.

He does it often, sometimes seamlessly alternating between punchline-infused rhymes and gentle croons -- like on "3005." Other times, like on "Sober," he goes strictly the singing route.

So it's not all that surprising that when he covers an R&B song, like he did recently on the Australian radio station triple j, where he sang Tamia's "So Into You," he knocks it out.

Donald said he chose the song because when he was younger, it was one of his favorites, and it's still relevant in his life today.

"[It was] kinda one of my favorite songs when I was like -- I wouldn't say a kid, but it was a very cool, sexy song," he said before starting. "I've dated a couple girls who have always been like, 'Oh, I love this song.' I was like, 'Me too.' It's a very pretty song."

Tamia's track came out in 1998, and ended up climbing all the way to No. 7 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. Five years later, Fabolous' "Into You," which brought Tamia back to sing the hook from the original song, hit No. 6 on the Hot 100.

In addition to "So Into You," Gambino did a live version of "Sober" while at the station.